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Backup Power Inverter


While enjoying the comfort of being with family you may feel annoyed with the power failure. This is when a power inverter can prove to be of immense help. This type of backup power inverter draws power out of a battery it is attached to, and then converts the energy into AC power which is available for the function of any electronic device. The earlier generators have been replaced by Backup Power Inverter. The generators are easy to operate but prove to be of limited help for maximum emergency situations at home. An inverter generator can be used for many emergency situations during a power failure. It is used for the function of all household equipments like TVs, computers, kitchen appliances, and more.

Power inverter from Volta claims to give you uninterrupted power supply with its Back up Power Inverter. VOLTA group is the Leaders of this field in providing total Power solutions to its valuable customers and meet the requirements of users and dealers. There are two available ranges for inverters. You can either avail the Single Phase Inverters or the three phase Inverters. The Single Phase has an IGBT / MOSFET technology. The Single Phase Inverters have Microprocessor based Digital LCD Meter for Output Voltage and produce a harmonic distortion of even less than 3%. It protects your valuable items from Output Overload and Short circuit.
The three phase Inverters have IGBT Double Conversion technology. A basic three-phase inverter consists of three single-phase inverter switches each connected to one of the three load terminals They boast of an output voltage of 400V AC Three Phase. The efficiency is equal to 92%. This product has an audible noise of less than even 50 dB at 1 Meter which means you won’t get the disturbing sound as you get in case of generators.

If there is any kind of error like the output overload or the DC is low then automatically there is an indication an alarm. So that you just don’t have to monitor it all the time. It also protects your inverter in case of Output under & Over-voltage, DC under & Over-voltage, Single Phasing and Phase unbalance. It is advisable to use highly rated power inverters for the devices which are supposed to run. Since one can rely only the products which are of good quality brands and has made a good name for themselves over the years. Always make sure that you read and follow all safety measures mentioned in the manual.

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