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Providing the highest level of power backup and protection

Makvolt Power provides a suite of advanced and reliable power protection and backup products including online Uninterruptible Power Supply systems (UPS), Sine Wave Inverters, Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers and Solar Power Products for mission-critical telecommunications applications and sensitive equipments in server and network rooms.

Makvolt′s Online UPS Systems offer high performance, continuous power conditioning with no break clean sine wave power, precise voltage regulation, complete isolation from utility power aberrations, redundancy, scalability and modular battery design. They provide affordable and reliable insurance against the high cost of potentially losing business communications, even briefly.

Makvolt Power′s Sine Wave Inverter series provides efficient and reliable power continuity to state-of the-art AC-powered telecom equipment with features of high surge capability, independence of load power factor and noiseless operation.

Makvolt Power′s Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer provides superior conditioning solutions for telecom applications and sophisticated equipment against hazards of voltage fluctuation with solid state linear control and instantaneous response.

Makvolt Power′s Solar Power Systems provide a renewable, clean, reliable and cost-effective energy source for telecommunication applications. They offer the advantages of high conversion efficiency, long product life and low maintenance due to superior design.

Our approach
Our approach to a customer’s requirement is to select the best product design and configuration suitable for the application or need. We complete this offering with our total solutions-engineering, installation, training and maintenance services. Request a free site survey

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Our products are carefully selected to ensure that they offer current technology, high reliability, high performance and competitive pricing.

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*We can help you select the right configuration of Power Equipments for your power protection needs. 

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