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Providing the highest level of power back up, protection and redundancy

High quality, uninterrupted power has becomes an imperative for retail business. Retailers from supermarket chains and shopping centres to small retail stores are relying on technology for their critical business functions like Point of Sale, distribution, data storage and retrieval and e-commerce.

Protecting critical electronic equipments and systems from power disturbances and power outages is vital to successful retail operations. Incoming utility power can be contaminated with spikes, surges, sags and electrical noise, causing operating problems for sensitive electronics and disastrous system downtime.

Makvolt Power′s line of online UPS and power conditioners can provide best quality power protection for the entire building from the computers to the elevators; from the cash register, to the warehouse to the corporate data centre. Makvolt Power′s power protection solutions help to enhance the performance, availability and reliability of your systems keeping customers happy and improving bottom lines.

Our Approach
Our approach to a customer’s requirement is to select the best product design and configuration suitable for the application or need. We complete this offering with our total solutions engineering, installation, training and maintenance services. Request a free site survey.

Key Power Protection Features
Product Line for Home/SOHO applications

Makvolt Power offers energy-efficient, advanced digital microprocessor based Double Conversion Online UPS product line in Single Phase and Three Phase configurations and a range of other power protection products. Depending upon your power protection requirement.

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*We can help you select the right configuration of Power Equipments for your power protection needs. 

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