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Best-fit solutions to avoid costly retro-fits

Makvolt Power provides expert pre-sales consultancy and support to help you in planning your power protection requirements and designing the best power protection solution. Reliable power quality and uninterrupted power availability is critical for the smooth operation of business and helps in reducing costly downtime and productivity loss. Our experts design the most appropriate power protection solution for you after a careful assessment of the electrical and operating environment and the mission-criticality of the applications.

At the design stage, factors such as load requirements, input power availability and quality, harmonic control, requirement of redundancy, safety, space availability, air conditioning, ease of maintenance, future scalability etc. must be considered.

With a winning portfolio of products across Online UPS, Line Interactive Conditioners, Inverters, Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers, CVT etc. Makvolt Power experts can conceptualize and size the requirements of power protection for your enterprise and suggest the best-fit solutions to maximize electronic system performance within your budget.

And as manufacturers, we can also provide customized solutions in accordance to your unique power protection requirements. Our optimum UPS solution will give your systems complete power protection from lightning and utility power surges, spikes, sags, brown-outs and power outages as well as enable scalability to meet your future expansion needs.

Applications in Home/SOHO segment

*We can help you select the right configuration of Power Equipments for your power protection needs. 

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