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Clean, continuous power is an essential necessity for television and radio broadcast stations’ on-air transmissions and studio production. Atmospheric Lightning and utility power surges, AC power line spikes, voltage fluctuations, transients and noise, brown-outs and black-outs can compromise the quality of your broadcasts, or in the worst-case scenario take your transmissions off air.

Unclean and unregulated power can cause problems such as broadcast equipment malfunction, decreased life expectancy and equipment failure. With the increased sensitivity of today′s microelectronic systems, even small disturbances of a few volts can be the difference between a healthy operating system and one that is plagued with problems. Broadcasting stations require uninterrupted and reliable power for their studios, transmitters and equipments to secure many critical applications.

Makvolt Power’s UPS systems provides high quality power protection for your master control switchers, transmitters, cameras, amplifiers, editing bays, servers, RAID storage systems and other critical systems. They are extremely effective in mitigating power interruptions and conditioning “dirty” power.

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Makvolt Power offers Double Conversion Online UPS product line in Single Phase and Three Phase, in both Single Module or Multi-Module configurations and a range of other power protection products for broadcast applications. Depending upon your power protection requirement.

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*We can help you select the right configuration of Power Equipments for your power protection needs. 

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