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Makvolt made Servo Stabilizer uses A.C. synchronous stepper motor along with proportional type of control circuit that ensures the voltage fluctuations are corrected quickly without any oscillations at the output in order to protect the end equipment intended to safeguard.

Air Cooled

Oil Cooled:

Technical Specifications
Input Voltage170-270V AC Single Phase
360-470 V / 500 V AC Three Phase
340-470 V / 500 V AC Three Phase
Also available as per requirement
Operating Frequency> 47-53 Hz.
Output Voltage220V/230V/ 240 V AC - Single Phase
380V/ 400V/415V AC -Three Phase
Output Voltage Regulation ± 1%
Ambient Temperature OPC to 45°C
Protections Under voltage & Over voltage
Overload Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Single Phasing Preventer

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