Makvolt – Indian Power Electronics Industry Providing Leading-Edge Power Solution.

3KVA - 200KVA

Makvolt made Industrial Online UPS provides a stable power supply with an excellent power performance. It is enhanced by an in-built Galvanic Isolation Transformer that will protect your critical equipment from voltage spikes and transients and thus maintains clean, noise-free power for critical loads.



Technical Specifications
Input Voltage 170-270 VAC Two Wire
340-470 VAC Four Wire
Input Frequency47-53 Hz
Battery Input96 - 360 VDC (or as per requirement)
Output Voltage230/415 VAC (or as per requirement)
Regulation± 1% under all Lines and Load Conditions
Output Frequency50 Hz. +0.05%
Inverter EfficiencyBetter than 90%
WaveformPure Sine Wave (Sinusoidal)
THD< 3% at Linear Load
Transient Response± 5% under Step Load Change
Transient Recoverywithin 3 Cycles
Load Power Factor0.8 lagging
Overload Capacity110% for 10 mins., 150% for 10 sec.
Crest Factor3:1
Control MethodSinusoidal PWM Control
Circuit MethodDouble Conversion Zero Transfer Time
Ambient Temperature0°-45°C
Relative Humidity95% RH Max. (Non Condensing)
Audible NoiseLess than 55 dB at 1.5 meters
ProtectionsBattery Under and Over Voltage Output Overload and Short Circuit

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