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A journey from firelight to Online UPS


We have come a long way from firelight to online UPS. There was a time when electricity was a dream for everyone. Every basic necessity was dependent on sunlight or firelight. Darkness was a common outlook for everyone. But today an organization or even a common household is impossible to run without the help of electricity. Electricity is needed everywhere whether in Hospitals, broadcasting, Telecommunications, Industrial system or even Retail. But keeping in mind the frequent power black outs, don’t you think we need the support of an uninterrupted power supply. We are completely dependent on electricity. Electricity is derived from energy.

Energy is of various types like solar energy, mechanical energy and nuclear energy. It first started with the harnessing of solar energy. Solar energy was used very competently to generate electricity. Then came the turn of kinetic energy to produce a good amount of electricity. Kinetic energy of the waterfall is used to produce mechanical rotation of the water which used to produce electricity. It’s only possible with the use of Online UPS. It gives you quality surge protection and voltage regulation which increases the life expectation of your critical electronic equipments and gives you greater than before savings and security from break down.

Online UPS provides best quality power protection to significant electronic equipment from almost all problems associated with unclean power and power failures. The use of online UPS guarantees that there is no straight connection between the main power supply and the appliances. As an alternative, the power supply of the appliance is connected to the UPS. The power supply eradicates loud noises and power surges which is not possible in generators.
With an UPS, all the household and industrial equipments constantly receive the most favorable power with a confidence and consistency that all your valuable appliances would be in safe hands. An Online UPS system is also known as Double conversion system, which first converts the AC input voltage to a stable DC, which is then converted back to AC, to supply incessantly the critical equipments, with clean stabilized output, coming from batteries in case of power breakdown.

Volta group dedicate themselves to the common man in delivering uninterrupted power supply such as UPS systems. They offer a wide range of products like Online UPS, Line interactive UPS, Inverter, Voltage stabilizer and Battery. All of them serve a universal purpose to bring back up supply proficiently.

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