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Power Management System
SNMP Card for UPS Management

SNMP communication device is an advanced feature to allow UPS monitoring and management from virtually anywhere in the world via web browser or telnet connections. As soon as the UPS are connected to the network through SNMP adapters and their proper network settings are completed, the UPS device are ready to send all their parameters to this software program. It displays critical data informations belonging to UPS and updates information of power problems.
UPS Monitoring Software

management This software allows to monitor UPS Parameters through PC. This program provides communication between RS232 Port (COM PORT) of a PC and the RS232 Port of the UPS. The data that the UPS offers includes input voltage, output voltage, output frequency, input frequency, battery capacity percentage, load percentage, UPS internal temperature etc.
Parallel Configuration

managementIn paralleling, two or more UPSes are electrically and mechanically connected to form a unified system with one output—either for extra capacity or redundancy. In an N+1 redundant configuration, you would have at least one more UPS module than needed to support the load. As a conjoined system, each UPS stands ready to take over the load from another UPS whenever necessary, without disrupting protected loads.
Hot Stand by Configuration

managementHot standby configuration system ensures reliable operation of the UPS to continue feeding the critical / priority load. UPS 1 delivers power to the critical load under healthy conditions. In case of a UPS 1 failure, critical load works on UPS 2 through ATS switch.