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Lift Inverter

Lift Inverter
Salient Features
  • High inrush/peak current handling capacity
  • Pure sine wave output
  • High frequency PWM inverter
  • Crystal Controlled Output frequency
  • Compact and well engineered architecture
  • Smooth and silent operation
  • Superior performance to price analysis

Technical Specifications
Capacity 6 to 200 kVA
AC Input 415V + 15% — 20% Three Phase Input
Frequency 50 Hz ± 6%
DC Voltage 360V DC
Charging Time 12 Hours for 90% of full Capacity
Charger Type CVCC Internal Controlled Rectifier type
Technology  IGBT Double Conversion
Output Voltage 400/415V AC Three Phase
Frequency 50Hz +0.5Hz
WaveForm PWM Sine wave
Waveform Pure Sine Wave (Sinusoidal)
Harmonic Distortion Less than 3% on Linear Load
Inverter Efficiency 90%
Power Factor 0.8
Overload 105% Continuous, 300% for 60 sec
Crest Factor 4:1
Phase Displacement 120° ± 1
Audible Noise Less than 45 dB at 1 Meter
LCD Meter R,Y,B Output Voltages, Output Currents, DC Voltage, Battery Voltage
LED/ALARM Mains ON, Inverter ON, DC Low, Fault & Output Overload
PROTECTIONS Output Overload & Short circuit, Output Over Voltage, DC Under & Over Voltage, Input Under & Over Voltage, Single Phasing
Operating temperature 0°C to 50°C
Humidity Max 95%, Non-condensing
*DC Voltage variations available on requirement
*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice due to continuous improvement in design & technology.