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Makvolt Power Constant Voltage Transformers (CVTs) are AC Voltage Stabilizers providing steady voltage to electrical equipment/instruments and protecting them from the harmful effects of under-voltage and over-voltage. Makvolt ferroresonant CVTs are the ideal maintenance free solutions for loads that can suffer erratic operation or be damaged by electrical noise (common and series mode) local transients, mains power sags, surges and brownouts.


  • Computers, Data Processing equipment, Electronic Cash Registers, Fax machines
  • CNC systems, Photo Typesetters, Tele-printer, Security Systems
  • Colour Photography Labs
  • Bio–medical equipment, Life saving emergency equipments in ICUs, X-ray Machine, Medical Monitors, Field & Lab Instruments, Communication Equipments
  • PA equipment
  • Telecommunication
  • TV/ DVD Recorder and Players
  • Other sensitive electronic devices

Salient Features:
  • No Semiconductor or moving part used, hence very high reliability.
  • No feedback control used.
  • Intrinsic current limiting and short current protection.
  • Energy storage for line loss up to main 3ms at typical load.
  • Short term over load capacity.
Optional Features:
  • Extended Range Model available
  • Built in Spike Suppressor
  • Special Input / Output ranges available on request
  • Single phase preventer
Ratings Available
150 VA to 5 kVA

General Technical Specifications of Constant VoltageTransformer (CVT)
Input Voltage 170 — 270V AC
Line Frequency 50 Hz
Output Voltage 220 — 230V ± 1%
Efficiency 90% (aprox) under full load conditions
Waveform Quasi Sine Wave
Output Waveform Sinewave
Waveform Distortion 5% (aprox) under full load conditions
Load power Factor 0.75% lag to 0.9% lead
Ambient Temperature -10°C to 50°C
Transformer Type Ferro–Resonant
Effect of Frequency 1.6 (aprox) change in output voltage for every 1% change in line frequency
*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice due to continuous improvement in design & technology.