• Constant Voltage Transformer protects your appliances!

    Constant Voltage Transformer (CVT) ensures regulated power supply to all the electronic appliances. It maintains steady flow of energy irrespective of the kind of load. In today's times, when voltage fluctuation is such a big hindrance, one cannot overlook the significance of constant voltage transformer in our lives. Due to the presence of CVT, many electronic appliances are secure from the potential damage that can be imposed by fluctuations. Performance of any electrical equipment can have h... Continue reading→

  • Backup Power Inverter

    While enjoying the comfort of being with family you may feel annoyed with the power failure. This is when a power inverter can prove to be of immense help. This type of backup power inverter draws power out of a battery it is attached to, and then converts the energy into AC power which is available for the function of any electronic device. The earlier generators have been replaced by Backup Power Inverter. The generators are easy to operate but prove to be of limited help for maximum emergency... Continue reading→